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About Us
Since its inception, HCEE has trained thousands of public and private K-12 teachers across the state to broaden and deepen their knowledge of economic concepts and has introduced them to methods, strategies, and resource materials to teach economics and personal finance effectively. Since 2002, HCEE has logged more than 27,970 teacher and student contact hours, providing economic and financial education to Hawaii's teachers, students and the community.

HCEE also focuses on increasing the general public’s awareness of the importance of economic & financial literacy in Hawai`i. HCEE supported U.S. Senator Daniel K. Akaka in his successful effort to increase federal support for economic & financial literacy. Additionally, outreach programs have been designed to stimulate student and teacher interest in economics and personal finance.

HCEE * 126 Queen Street #226, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 * PH: 808-585-7220  * info@hcee.org